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At Breath'g Vegan, we understand that food is more than just sustenance. It's a way of life, a reflection of our values, and a tool for healing. Whether you're a long-time vegan or just starting on your plant-based journey, we invite you to explore our menu and discover the incredible flavors of Southern comfort vegan cuisine. Experience the joy of eating well without compromising on taste or health.

About the Founder

We're passionate about promoting a healthier lifestyle through plant-based eating. Our founder, Donna Webster, believes in the power of food as medicine. She and the team are committed to helping our customers achieve their health goals through our delicious meals.

Our founder, Donna Webster

Who We Help

While not completely vegan like Donna, our co-founder Ken Webster shares in her passion for creating vegan food that is both delicious and healthier for our community. Breath'g Vegan has made it our mission to help others, like Ken, enjoy a healthier food lifestyle.

Our co-founder, Ken Webster

Vegan Southern Comfort

Our menu is a culinary playground where Southern classics meet vegan ingenuity. Think creamy mac and 'no-cheese' that's as gooey and delicious as Grandma's original recipe. Picture collard greens simmered to perfection without a hint of animal fat but with all the love and soul you remember. And let's not forget the candied yams—sweet, spiced, and everything nice, just like Big Momma used to make, but with a plant-based twist.

Breath'g Vegan Bar-BQ jackfruit ribs dinner
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