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Ken's Story

My name is Ken Webster, and I am the co-owner of Breath’g Vegan. I grew up on the Southside of Chicago, Englewood, and I have always been a meat-eating type of guy. Growing up, when my parents cooked dinner or took us out to a restaurant, I would always eat meat first and then vegetables because my mentality was that I needed meat to be strong. Despite watching the cartoon Popeye, where he would eat spinach to be strong, meat has always been commercialized as an essential portion of a full-course meal packed with protein.

As a kid, I was allergic to shellfish, but as I got older, I would eat it and suffer the consequences. Eventually, I grew out of the reaction to shellfish after my body adjusted.

My wife, Donna, has always been health conscious, ensuring we eat healthy and encouraging exercise. I benefitted from this way of living because even though I had to eat whatever she cooked, I would lose weight or improve my health. After my wife’s surgery, I witnessed her near-death experience of her blood pressure being so high that the doctors couldn’t wake her up during recovery. A few days later, after she woke up, she was diagnosed with cancer.


My wife started researching what cancer is. She spent hours, days, & weeks watching documentaries & reading to find out our cells were at a dis-ease and needed to be healed. Donna realized she needed to detox her body and become vegan to heal her cells.

I want to encourage someone who may be struggling with the thought of giving up meat & dairy products because we have been conditioned to believe we can’t live without them. Even though I may not be 100% vegan, I have tremendously changed my lifestyle to be more mindful of the things I put in my body.  As a former, true carnivore, I can attest that a plant-based lifestyle is precisely what I needed to become a healthier version of myself. I healed my cells while eating the most amazing vegan food on earth, created by Breath’g Vegan. 


Let’s get plant wasted!

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